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Welcome to the Palmerston North School of Karate

The Palmerston North School of Karate-do (PNSK) is one of the regions oldest clubs. It's history dates back to the late 1960's.
We are the only karate club with a permanent dojo in this region.
The club has had a full time dojo (training hall) since 2001 and more recently (2008) a purpose built dojo dedicated to karate.
We teach traditional Japanese karate for everyone from ages 6 years to very old.
We have Police Vetted instructors.
Our club has a strong membership and parent support base.

Why learn karate

There are many reasons why some people learn karate.
Appealing to men, women and children, karate provides a safe and healthy means of learning how to protect oneself.
Shown to improve fitness, flexibility, agility, confidence and self awareness.
Karate is a combination of kicking, punching, striking and blocking techniques.
Karate is universally recognized as one of the most comprehensive of all martial arts and is ideally suited to combat the stresses of modern society.
Originating in Okinawa karate has developed over 400 years to become recognized as one of the best forms of self-defense in the world.
Our approach with teaching karate is "train hard do your best and no excuses"

The Instructor

Gregor McLachlan has over 40yrs of karate experience.
He has been one on New Zealand's most successful competitors with over 16 National titles (Karate NZ), Australian open titles, Oceania Champion and a 5th placing at a World championship.
A national team member for ten years and retired in 1999 as the captain, and leading NZ to its first successful team win over South Africa.
Since retiring he has coached the NZ Cadets (15-17 yrs) leading them to a very successful 2005 Commonwealth Karate Championship.
Karate NZ National coaching council member.
Wado Ryu Karate
We teach traditional Japanese Karate. 
Our style is Wado ryu (we are affiliated to: Japan JKF Wado Kai)
Wado means way of peace and harmony and was founded in 1934 by Hironiro Ohtsuka.
Wado is known for its SPEED, EVASION and SIMPLICITY.
Our Important distinctions of Wado are body shifting, holding, throwing and sweeping which have powerful self defence applications.
We regular attend seminars with Senior Japanese Instructors

Karate New Zealand (UNZKO)

There are approx. 120 traditional karate club members in New Zealand.
Karate NZ is an organization that promotes the growth and development of karate, it maintains a national standard for competition.
World wide karate has 45-50 million practitioners.