Competition Karate

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Competing can be very exciting and dynamic. It is an extension from learning traditional karate.
Our club has a strong base of competitors from juniors to seniors. We have had a very successful history from regional to National champions.
We have additional training for competitors. Squad training's are very tough and physical. The training is based on World Karate Federation rules.

Our Club official New Zealand representatives (UNZKO):

Bill Hall- 1975 - (NZ Senior team member)
Gregor McLachlan- 1990-1999 (NZ Senior team member)
Craig Whitcombe-1996-2001 (NZ Senior team member)
Bryden Joe-1999 & 2005 (Juniors and Cadets)
Keiran Brennan 2006-2007 (Juniors)

Squad Training

Squad training's are held regular in our dojo. We also attend Karate NZ official coaching clinics.
They are tough and pyshical. They will push your boundaries and improve your tournament skills.
All squad training's are taught by Gregor McLachlan and invitational top New Zealand coaches.

Photo: Keiran Brennan (left) sparring Eru Wirihana.
Keiran became one of our most successful juniors from our club, becoming a New Zealand Team member winning several NZ titles, Australian open champion and Oceania champion.


We train with some of the world best competitors and coaches here in New Zealand.
We also train with other top instructors and coaches from New Zealand.

Photo: Wayne Otto here in Palmerston North. (English team member and 9 times World champion) just Google him!


We started the Manawatu karate Champs back in 1992 and we have run one every year since.
The competitors include current National champions to first timers from all over the region.
Our tournament is great for developing our future stars

Photo: Jordan Joe and Richard Mua. Both become New Zealand champions and passed there blackbelts after 8 years of training with us.